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What are Nitrocellulose's Application Tips?

21, Feb. 2020

Nitrocellulose is a white polymer. In fact, this substance has many names. For example, it is also called cellulose nitrate. Its English abbreviation is nc. This chemical has many characteristics, such as easy to change color when exposed to sunlight. It also has the characteristics of being easy to burn, so in fact, nitrocellulose is a dangerous product. You must be careful when using it. The following Nitrocellulose Solution Exporter introduces the correct use of nitrocellulose.

Application skills of nitrocellulose membrane:

1. Principle of protein-membrane binding

The principle of protein-membrane binding, known binding forces include hydrophobic forces, H-bond electrostatic forces, etc. The exact binding principle is not clear and is mainly supported by hypotheses. There are two main hypotheses:

1) First, the two are combined by resistance as static electricity, and then maintained by H bond and hydrophobic interaction for a long time.

2) First, the two are combined by hydrophobic interaction, and then by electrostatic interaction to maintain long-term binding.

Both hypotheses indicate that the combination process is divided into two steps, the first combination and the long-term combination. Due to the ambiguity of the combination principle, the work in this area is very dependent on practical experience.

Nitrocellulose Solution

Nitrocellulose Solution

2. Effect of membrane on binding

1) Membrane aperture

Some technicians tend to use membrane pore size to distinguish different membranes, but please note that this is only limited to products from the same manufacturer. If the products are from different manufacturers, this comparison is meaningless. The relationship between membrane pore size and chromatography speed has been described above.

As the membrane pore size decreases, the actual available surface area of the membrane increases, and the amount of membrane-bound protein also increases. The parameter that estimates the surface area is the surface area ratio (the ratio of the actual available surface area to the flat area of the membrane used).

In addition, the smaller the membrane pore size and the smaller the chromatographic speed, the longer the time required for the gold label complex to pass through the T line and the more complete the reaction.

Based on the above two points, the conclusion is that the smaller the membrane pore size, the higher the sensitivity. However, it also slows down the running speed and increases the chance of non-specific binding, that is, the higher the false positive. Membrane to find the right balance point.

2) Membrane differences of different manufacturers

This difference mainly comes from two points:

1> When producing films, the sources, types, and quantities of polymers and surfactants used are different. Similarly, these two types of materials generally have a large impact on performance in film processing.

2> The process is different.

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