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What is the Process of Making Nitrocellulose?

15, Feb. 2020

As a Nitrocellulose Chips Exporter, share with you.

1. Mixed acid preparation:

Slowly pour 2 volumes of concentrated H2SO4 (specific gravity 1.84) into a large glass containing 1 volume of concentrated HNO3 (specific gravity 1.4), and continue to shake to allow it to cool to room temperature.

2. Esterification:

After selecting, remove dirt and cottonseed, dry the degreased cotton linters into small pieces of mixed acid, and the amount should not be too much. The mixed acid can flood the cotton and facilitate turning. Then, immerse the container in a water bath heated at 28-32 ° C. At the same time, gently turn the cotton in the container, but do not lift the cotton out of the acid surface. The reaction should be continuously checked after 10 to 20 minutes. The method is to take out a little nitrocellulose, wash it with water until it is not acidic, then wash it with ethanol, squeeze out the attached alcohol, and put them into the 1: 3 alcohol and ether mixed solution and In acetone, if all can be completely dissolved, it means that the nitrification is complete; if it is insoluble, it means that the nitrification is incomplete; if it is only soluble in acetone, it means that the nitrification has passed.

3. Washing and drying:

After the nitrification is complete, remove the cotton wool and wash it thoroughly with water until the washing liquid is not acidic (check with blue litmus paper). Then, the water was squeezed out, the moisture was absorbed with paper, and dried at 30 ° C at low temperature. Qualified nitrocellulose should be slightly yellow and transparent.

Nitrocellulose Chips Exporter

Nitrocellulose Chips Exporter

What should I pay attention to when using H Nitrocellulose? What are the precautions for using nitrocellulose? What should be paid attention to when using nitrocellulose?

1. Pay close attention to the nitric acid concentration and nitrification time, otherwise the products obtained will be different. Complete nitrification of cellulose requires fuming nitric acid with a specific gravity of 1.52, and concentrated nitric acid with a specific gravity of 1.4 is used here, so a mixture of low-grade nitrocellulose and trinitrocellulose is prepared here.

2. Collodion is flammable and explosive. When collecting and drying, pay attention to fire prevention and explosion protection, and keep away from fire.

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