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What is the Relationship Between Nitrocellulose and Plasticizers?

18, May. 2020

Nitrocellulose lacquer also takes pigments as well as dyes quite possibly, as well as it can be fined sand as well as brightened to a mirror finish. Its long-lasting appeal as an instrument finish is based upon its beautiful depth and also brilliancy, its ability to shield timber without hindering vibration and a supposed capability to 'breathe'. It likewise enables you to do drop-fill repair services to chips and brighten out shallow scratches.

Nonetheless, nitrocellulose lacquer dries out slowly compared to contemporary finishes and it's much more time consuming and also labour extensive to achieve premium results with it. On top of that, the chemicals in the lacquer are unsafe to health and wellness and also the atmosphere, as well as-- since it's very flammable-- it threatens to store nitrocellulose lacquer in huge amounts.

Nitrocellulose Solution

Nitrocellulose Solution


Words 'plasticiser' sets alarm bells ringing for nitrocellulose die-hards. Besides, if Nitrocellulose Solution is indicated to be a lot more stunning and toneful than plastic poly finishers, would not placing a plasticiser in the nitro defeat the object?

This is a misunderstanding, because plasticisers are not plastic. 'Plasticity' is defined as the capacity to warp irreversibly without breaking. So placticisers are solvents that evaporate gradually over several years to prevent nitrocellulose from ending up being as well breakable. They do not transform nitrocellulose into a 'plastic coating' since nitrocellulose is, besides, a type of plastic.

It's reasonable that paint makers and also guitar suppliers desired their finishes to look good for as long as possible. Plasticisers make nitrocellulose much more long lasting and also less vulnerable to checking and cracking, so it's rarely unusual that their usage ended up being widespread.

Even back in the 50s as well as 60s, lacquer had placticisers, and it ended up being a problem only for those that like their coatings to age in the vintage style, or for would-be relic'ers who couldn't obtain their lacquer to split.

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