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How to Mix and Match Furniture Paint?

02, Jul. 2020

The colorful colors have always been an important element in the world, and the paint in the decoration is no exception. The paint can also be mixed with various colors. It is mainly used for the decoration and decoration, how to match the color of the paint, how the paint palette is, many Friends may be interested, the following Nitrocellulose Solution Manufacturer to introduce you!

Nitrocellulose Solution

Nitrocellulose Solution

How to paint colors

1. Pay attention to the principle of paint color matching

Generally, do not use more than three kinds of paint for color mixing. Basically, if you add white, you can get colors with different saturation (that is, different shades of color). On the basis of the original color, you can add black to get colors with different brightness (that is, colors with different brightness). The three colors of yellow and blue can be mixed according to a certain ratio to obtain different intermediate colors (that is, colors with different tones).

There are two reasons for color deployment:

One is the color according to the text or verbal requirements, which is more convenient and easy for oilers. But color selection is very important, if the color selection is not suitable, the color matching effect will not be ideal. For example, it can be adjusted to medium green, any yellow and blue can be adjusted to medium green, but only when the purity of yellow and blue is better, the medium green is more pure and bright.

The other is the deployment according to the requirements of the model. The requirements are high and the technology is strong. It is not easy for ordinary oilers to do. Mainly rely on practical experience, and compare with color swatches to identify which types of monochromatic colors are composed of excellent plates, and what is the proportion of each monochromatic color, and then use the same variety of paint for trial matching. After being approved by the design and construction unit, and using the same or similar painting method as the model, paint the same color as the model.

2. Blending of paint consistency

Due to storage or climatic reasons, the consistency of the paint is too large. An appropriate amount of thinner should be added to the paint to reduce its consistency to meet the construction requirements. The amount of thinner should not exceed 20% of the weight of the paint, if it exceeds, it will reduce the performance of the coating film. The thinner must be used in conjunction with the paint and cannot be abused to avoid quality accidents. For example, shellac paint must use ethanol, while nitro paint should use banana water.

3. The deployment of colorants

The preparation of colorants for wood surface is mainly the preparation of water color, wine color and oil color.

Speaking of furniture paint color matching, we must first understand some related knowledge of color, the principle of the three primary colors of color is universal. As we all know, the competition in the furniture industry is becoming increasingly fierce. In addition to ensuring the quality and novelty of the style, the merchants also have to ensure the diversity of the colors of the furniture. Only in this way can we become more competitive.

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