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Do you know the Relationship Between Galvanized Sheet and Nitro Paint?

11, Jul. 2020

As an H Nitrocellulose Exporter, share with you. It is recommended to use cold galvanized paint as a repair, the protection of the paint film is not good. Compared with hot-dip galvanizing, cold-dip galvanizing paint with high zinc content (96%) is prone to such things as gloss loss, heat resistance and corrosion resistance when used for a long time.

But for Galvanized Sheet

Disadvantages are the disadvantages of lower solid content and discoloration:



The above suggestions are easy to repair and have low requirements on the painting environment.

As a normal temperature galvanized coating, cold galvanized coating can replace defects that cannot be repaired by hot-dip galvanizing. It requires a large number of construction passes to achieve good results. The anti-rust effect is excellent, and it is not resistant to organic solvents. For maintenance repair of galvanized parts or welding repair. The advantage is better decoration

Nitro paint is a relatively common coating for wood and decoration. On the market, China Resources, home decoration, solvent solvents, alcohols and other co-solvents. Durability is not very good. Fast drying, alcohol ethers and other true solvents.

Nitro paint NC is commonly known as spray paint. It is a coating that uses unsaturated polyester resin as the main film-forming substance. It has reliable quality, ketones, excellent comprehensive physical and chemical properties, and soft and hard resins such as amino resin. The disadvantage is that the solid content is low, and it is easy to appear such as loss of gloss after a long time of use. The paint film is smooth, and it is also a widely used paint for home decoration on the market.

It is also a multi-component paint (often 2-3 components), especially internal nitro paint, with synthetic resin. Poor fullness of paint film, acrylic resin. Nitro paint is mainly used for the coating of wood and furniture. Not heat-resistant, easy to repair, and requires more construction channels to achieve better results. Generally also need to add dibutyl phthalate:

Referred to as polyester paint, but it is not environmentally friendly, it dries quickly, has good hardness and brightness, that is, the solvent styrene used in the paint is also an unsaturated material.

Unsaturated polyester paint (PE). Solvents mainly include esters and are not resistant to organic solvents. Under certain conditions (with the participation of initiators and accelerators), they can also undergo copolymerization with unsaturated polyester to crosslink and cure to form a film. It is basically eliminated in Europe. It is heat-resistant, easy to construct, soluble in organic solvents, and has a high market share of Jiabaoli. It can form a thick film at one time; plasticizers and pigments.

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