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How to Polish Nitrocellulose Paint?

12, Jan. 2021

Nitrocellulose Solution Exporter will tell you that every time you make the bottom, you must polish it, and only do the bottom and polish again. Polish after repeated doing. Generally, nitro groups have three bottoms and two sides, or two bottoms and three sides. In our daily use of paint, nitrocellulose paint has gradually become known to people and has entered people's field of vision. Today we will introduce the characteristics, shortcomings and construction points of nitrocellulose paint. Nitro-lacquer features: Nitro-lacquer, also known as wax lacquer, is a volatile lacquer, which is dried to form a film by the volatilization of a solvent. The paint film is hard and has good grinding and polishing properties. When the coating reaches a certain thickness, it can obtain a high gloss after grinding and polishing; the paint film is full, colorful, smooth, delicate, good in hand, and highly decorative. It is nitro Excellent characteristics of lacquer.



In the past, nitrocellulose lacquer has always been widely used as a high-grade wood paint. This year, with the continuous expansion of the use of two-component polyurethane paint and polyester paint, the amount of nitrocellulose paint has gradually decreased. Disadvantages of nitrocellulose paint: Although nitrocellulose paint has so many advantages, it also has disadvantages. The nitrocellulose lacquer is applied many times and the cost is high. Nitrolacquer ideas have low solid content. The film-forming substances are only about 20% during construction, and the volatile components account for 70% to 80%. The film-forming is very thin and requires multiple coatings to achieve a certain thickness. After testing, the consumption of nitro varnish is 0.6kg when the area of 1m2 with a thickness of 0.3mm is painted. Reflected in the specific operation, the number of painting passes increased, the labor cost increased, and the amount of solvent consumed was also large. polluted environment.

It contains a large amount of volatile solvents, is flammable, explosive, toxic, and pollutes the environment. Therefore, anti-virus and ventilation measures must be taken at the construction site. The painting process is complicated. Nitro varnish painting generally consists of brushing, water abrasion and polishing, etc., brushing 4 to 5 times, then 10 times or more, until the pores are filled with paint and the surface is smooth. Cracked paint film. Nitro varnish has poor light resistance, and cracking of the paint film is very serious under the action of ultraviolet light for a long time. If used indoors for about 3 years, the ends of Chaoyang's wooden products will appear hair-like cracks. The key points of the construction of nitrocellulose paint are that the brushing action should be fast, pay attention to brushing, brushing evenly, and not brushing back and forth.

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