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Nitrocellulose Chips



Nitrocellulose     80±2%

Plasticizer           18±2%

Water content    ≤ 2%

Nitrocellulose chips (NC, H & L type) is small white flaky that can be liquefied in organic solvents such as ketone, esters,alcohol etc. Its density is 1.34g/m³.Its explosion point is 157℃. Nitrocellulose chips is flammable material, decomposed under heat and reacts with acid and alkali.

Main character:

1.No organic volatile.

2.No alcoholism, no reaction with PU.

3.100% solid content .

4.80% Nitrocellulose component.

5.Lowest moisture rate, higher brightness.

6.Used in wood Lacquer, printing ink and be added during previous emulsification in moisture PU.

Technical Index:

Carry out National Professional Standard.

1. Appearance: white flake, No visible impurities.

2. Sorted by adhesive and nitrogen content.


Type: Varnish chips and all kinds of color chips

Specification: Varnish chips is white flake, other chips can be customized according to customer’s requirements.


Flaky nitrocellulose is mainly used in industry of nitro lacquer, paints,coatings, leather-tanning, printing ink, damp-proofing cellophane paper and adhesive etc.



Packed in galvanized steel barrel (560×900mm) lined with polythene film bag. Net weight is 100-120kg for per drum.


Packed in composite fibreboard drum (420×700mm) lined with polythene film bag. Net weight is 40-50kg for per drum.


Packed in carton(356×356×455mm) lined with polythene film bag. Net weight is 20-27kg.

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