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What is Nitrocellulose?

03, Apr. 2020

As a Nitrocellulose Chips Exporter, share with you.

That altered with the growth of Nitrocellulose lacquer in the very early 1920s. The new lacquer dried also faster, and it could be applied utilizing spray guns. Best of all, an infinite colour scheme was opened up. Nitrocellulose was embraced rapidly by the auto market and stayed the surface of selection through to the late-1950s.

Furnishings as well as musical instrument suppliers additionally switched over to nitrocellulose lacquer, and mainly it was referred to merely as lacquer. Practically every collectible acoustic as well as electrical guitar composed until the mid-1960s left the manufacturing facility with a nitrocellulose lacquer coating.

Nitrocellulose Solution

Nitrocellulose Solution

What is it?

Cellulose is a natural compound consisted of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Discovered in the cell walls of plants and also algae, it's the most abundant natural polymer in the world. The body makes use of cellulose as a dietary fiber, and cellulose-derived items have been made use of in the digital photography, apparel and also nitroglycerins sectors given that the mid-19th century.

In 1862, Alexander Parkes treated cellulose with nitric acid and also a solvent to produce the first synthetic plastic-- nitrocellulose. The procedure is practically identical to the way in which trinitrotoluene (aka TNT or dynamite) is generated, which is not unrelated to the authorities' keenness to restrict its usage in sector.

A DuPont staff member called Edmund Flaherty developed nitrocellulose lacquer in 1921. Nitrocellulose is liquified in a solvent, which may make up naphtha, xylene, toluene, acetone, numerous ketones, and plasticising materials that boost durability and flexibility. The resulting fluid can be sprayed as well as the exceptionally volatile solvent thinner vaporizes practically instantly, to leave a layer of nitrocellulose solids.

When subsequent layers are applied, the slimmers thaw the surface area of the previous coat, enabling the fresh coat to bond with it. Because feeling, nitrocellulose lacquer is really comparable to shellac, which is another all-natural polymer lacquer with an also longer background. However, nitrocellulose lacquer is harder and more scratch immune.


Nitrocellulose lacquer additionally takes pigments and also dyes extremely well, as well as it can be fined sand as well as brightened to a mirror coating. Its long-lasting appeal as a tool coating is based upon its beautiful depth and also lustre, its capacity to shield timber without preventing resonance and also an expected ability to 'breathe'. It additionally allows you to carry out drop-fill repair services to chips and also polish out superficial scratches.

Nevertheless, nitrocellulose lacquer dries out slowly compared to modern-day coatings as well as it's even more time consuming and also work extensive to achieve top quality outcomes with it. In addition, the chemicals in the lacquer are dangerous to wellness and also the atmosphere, as well as-- considering that it's highly combustible-- it threatens to store nitrocellulose lacquer in huge amounts.

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