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What are the Storage and Handling Conditions of Nitrocellulose?

02, Jun. 2020

As a Nitrocellulose Solution Exporter, share with you. Nitrocellulose is stable under recommended storage and handling conditions. Do not contact with strong alkaline and strong acid substances, amines or oxidants. Avoid contact with heat and fire, vibration and friction. Increased humidity begins to deteriorate, and stability decreases. Please follow the recommended storage conditions for storage.

Handling Nitrocellulose is an important part. Attention should be paid to the handling: Do not drop, slide, roll, drag or slam the packaging; avoid fire, heat, vibration, impact, friction, sparks or static electricity. Do not let the wet nitrocellulose dry; ensure the air is clear; when unpacking, carefully pull the polyethylene inner bag in the packaging container (bag); avoid contact with strong alkali and acidic substances, amines or oxidants; during processing The region maintains the lowest product inventory.

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As for storage, also pay attention to the following points: store in a cool and well-ventilated warehouse; away from fire and heat sources, and do not allow direct sunlight; steel drum packaging trays load up to two container heights; nitrocellulose is not allowed to The raw materials are stored together, such as with strong alkaline and strong acid substances, amines or oxygen oxides; must be in accordance with the first-in first-out principle to turn over inventory; it is forbidden to open or empty the packaging in the storage area; storage should be Comply with national and local environmental protection regulations.

Nitrocellulose is not allowed to be stored together with other items. It must be isolated and stored in limited quantities. The maximum stock of a single warehouse is not more than 200T. The storage and use place of nitrocellulose or the transmission and distribution lines, lamps, fire accident lighting and evacuation indication signs in the warehouse should meet the safety requirements; the nitrification warehouse must be installed with lightning protection facilities. The moisture (or solvent) content of the nitrocellulose in the storage is not less than 25%, the safety of nitrocellulose is qualified, and there is a certificate; the packaging of nitrocellulose products is intact and without damage.

In the hot summer, when the temperature in the nitrocellulose storage exceeds 30℃, cooling measures should be taken, such as sprinkling water on the safe passage of the storage to humidify, installing and using the cooling rain on the top of the storage, regularly opening the doors and windows for ventilation, etc. The majority of paint companies in the triangle must pay more attention. In addition, civilian nitrocellulose stored for more than six months (based on the date of production), must regularly check the content and stability of the nitrocellulose wetting agent (water or solvent). .

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