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How to Polish with Sandpaper After Brushing Nitrocellulose Paint?

29, Jan. 2021

As an H Nitrocellulose Exporter, let me share with you.

During the construction of wood lacquer, you must hold some secrets. In this way, it is better to look at each appliance one by one. During the construction period, you can follow the following martial arts:

1. Bottom material, one by one, 360 size sandpaper is polished along the purpose of wood grain.

2. Brush the primer again, close the boards one by one, and at the same time make the next polishing more casually clear the wood burrs.

3. Sanding, one by one, the 360-number sandpaper follows the purpose of the wood grain.

4. Brush the primer 2-3 times, if it is polyester paint, brush it 3 times, if it is nitrocellulose paint, brush it 5-8 times, according to the solid content of the nitrocellulose paint. The principle of brushing should follow the purpose of wood grain, don't brush horizontally, just observe the brush marks.

5. Sanding, first sanding the sandpaper of No. 360 one by one according to the purpose of the wood grain, and then sanding one by one with sandpaper above 600.

6. Brush the finish 2-3 times.

Nitrocellulose Solution

Nitrocellulose Solution


1. Nitrolacquer thinner can be used as nitro varnish, enamel, primer dilution.

2. Perchlorovinyl paint thinner dilutes various perchlorovinyl varnishes, enamels, primers and putty.

3. Acrylic paint thinner is used to dilute various acrylic paints, and can also be used to dilute nitrocellulose paint, etc. Of course, gasoline is also available.

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