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Is Nitrocellulose Paint or Polyester Paint Better for Home Decoration?

01, Sep. 2020

Paint is an indispensable type of building materials in the modern architectural decoration industry. The brands and types of paint are very rich. However, no matter what brand and where the paint products are suitable, it is recommended that consumers choose high-quality paint products when buying. Product, because the paint is a kind of chemical product, if some of the harmful substances in the inferior product exceed the standard, it will cause serious damage to people's physical and mental health, then what kind of paint can be regarded as a good paint? What is the standard of good paint? Let's listen to L Nitrocellulose Exporter's analysis for you.



From a professional perspective, the quality of paint can be roughly analyzed in three aspects:

1. In terms of its paint film function, the important function of decoration paint is decoration and protection; decorative effects: such as uniformity of gloss, diversity of colors, fullness, etc. Protective effects such as: hardness, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, aging resistance, etc.;

2. In terms of construction performance, such as leveling, sanding, filling, dry speed, etc.;

3. In terms of its environmental performance, whether the content of tribenzene, free TDI, soluble heavy metals, and organic volatiles meet the standards.

In short, the above three criteria are the magic weapon to judge the good paint on the market, but some detailed knowledge will be involved in the purchase process. In order to ensure the high quality of the paint they buy, it is recommended that consumers should choose a formal brand company. Product purchase.

First of all, we have to figure out some of the characteristics of nitrocellulose paint and polyester paint: 1. Nitrocellulose paint is a two-component paint. When mixing the ratio, only the main paint and thinner are mixed in a certain ratio, and it does not need to be cured. It is a kind of quick-drying paint; 2. The polyester paint is a three-component paint, which is the main paint when the proportion is mixed: curing agent: thinner is mixed in a certain proportion, it must be added Curing agent, otherwise the paint will not dry after painting or spraying paint on the furniture; 3. As for nitrocellulose paint, the fullness of the paint film will come slowly, so whether it is primer or surface The paint should be thinly brushed or sprayed many times; from the decoration cost, it will cost more; but the characteristic of nitrocellulose paint is that its yellowing resistance is superior to other paints; 4. As for polyester paint, its paint The fullness of the film should come faster, ordinary primer brush or spray 2-3 times, the fullness of the paint film will be there, from the decoration cost, it is more economical than nitrocellulose paint; but polyester paint Its yellowing resistance is slightly worse than that of nitrocellulose paint.

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