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Do you know the Characteristics of Nitro Varnish?

31, Jul. 2020

As a Nitrocellulose Solution Exporter, share with you. Varnish, also known as Van Lishui, is a coating composed of resin as the main film-forming substance and solvent. Because the paint and film are transparent, it is also called transparent paint. Coated on the surface of the object and dried to form a smooth film, showing the original texture of the surface.

Nitrocellulose Solution

Nitrocellulose Solution

Nitro varnish is a kind of transparent paint prepared from nitrocellulose, alkyd resin, plasticizer and organic solvent. It is a volatile paint. It has the characteristics of fast drying and soft luster. Nitro varnish is divided into three types: bright, semi-matte and matte, which can be selected according to needs.

Features of nitro varnish:

Paint-free nitrocellulose paint. It is composed of nitrocellulose, resin, toughening agent and solvent. Adding hard resin to the composition is suitable for wood paint. Add soft resin, such as non-drying oil alkyd resin, the film will be tough. It can be used for coating and finishing of metal and wood surfaces. It can be used as leather paint when high-viscosity nitrocellulose is used and more toughening agents are added.

Nitrolacquer also has its disadvantages: it is easy to whiten in high humidity, low fullness, and low hardness.

2) Sweep the paint by hand. It is a kind of nitro varnish. It is a non-transparent paint prepared from nitrocellulose, various synthetic resins, pigments and organic solvents. This paint is specially formulated for manual construction, and it has a quick-drying characteristic.

3) Main auxiliary agent of nitrocellulose paint

a. Heavenly water. It is a colorless and transparent liquid with a banana odor, which is mixed with organic solvents such as esters, alcohols, benzene, and ketones. It is mainly used for blending and curing nitrocellulose paint.

b. White water, also called anti-white water, technically called ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. During construction in wet weather, the paint film will have whitening, which can be eliminated by adding 10~15% diluent nitro-magnetized white water.

Varnish is a pigment-free transparent or light yellow paint with good gloss, fast film formation and wide application. The main components are resin and solvent or resin, oil and solvent. After being applied to the surface of the object, a coating film with protection, decoration and special properties is formed. After drying, a smooth film is formed, showing the original pattern of the surface.

Varnish is the main type of lacquer for on-site construction in home decoration for its unique reasons. Polyester paint has high requirements for the construction environment and construction process, while varnish is not. Take the sagging (lacquer tears) that often occurs during the painting process as an example. The sagging formed by polyester paint during the painting process is difficult to dissolve once it has solidified, while the leveling of varnish is very good, and sagging occurs. It doesn't matter, brush it again, and the sagging can be dissolved again.

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