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Do you know the Formula Change of Nitrocellulose Paint?

13, Nov. 2020

As a Nitrocellulose Exporter, share with you.

"They don't make'them' like they used to" is a common common sense, usually applied to nitrocellulose paint, two things are certain. First, all the major guitar companies in the 1950s and 1960s used paints from different manufacturers with slightly different formulations. Secondly, the balance of ingredients used in modern nitrocellulose varnishes has changed drastically.



It is believed that old paint has certain undesirable properties. It tends to yellow when exposed to ultraviolet light. Color pigments often fade; temperature fluctuations can cause cracking (check), and sometimes the varnish will begin to peel off the body. Curtis Novak (Curtis Novak) is a man who knows as much about leather manufacturing as he knows about leather manufacturing. He explained some changes to us.

Over the years, they have solved the inherent problems of nitrocellulose paint, and over time, it no longer yellows or cracks. Compared with old materials, they might as well call it acrylic varnish because it represents more. When buying a vintage nitro, the first test I did was to open the lid. Old-fashioned things look like tea, and modern things look more like canola oil.

"Many people think that the old nitro is aging over time. Yes, it is true, but the jar is already very dark. Usually, if it passes a visual test, it is an old material and easily breaks. New decorations The surfaces are softer, which prevents them from cracking and checking. As for the thickness, the lacquer is always released, so over time it will become thinner and thinner. The old-fashioned ones used to be much thicker finishes."

Not all changes are to improve the durability of the paint. According to George Gruhn, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (USHA) has forced paint manufacturers to change their formulations over the years. Although the new formulations are less toxic, in most cases they will not produce the same appearance or color results as earlier formulations. "

Former Fender senior finish expert Jonathan Kornau reports: "Except for a maleic acid resin, the old McFadden formula is still available. Many companies still produce acrylic resin-free nitrocellulose. Sherwin-Williams Opex and Mohawk paints are both nitrocellulose. Based. According to EPA regulations, solvents and plasticizers are always changing; just change the solvent and you can buy the old formula. After curing, they will be the same.” Sadly, varnishes made in the US are not available in Europe because It is too volatile to be sold internationally.

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