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Do you know the Difference Between Water-Based Paint and Nitrocellulose Paint?

30, Nov. 2020

Nitrolacquer is a relatively common paint for woodware and decoration. The main film-forming material of nitrocellulose paint is mainly nitrocellulose, combined with soft and hard resins such as alkyd resin, modified rosin resin, acrylic resin, and amino resin. Generally, it is necessary to add plasticizers such as dibutyl phthalate, dioctyl ester, and oxidized castor oil. Solvents mainly include true solvents such as esters, ketones, alcohol ethers, alcohols and other co-solvents, and diluents such as benzene. Nitro paint is mainly used for wood and furniture coating, home decoration, general decorative coating, metal coating, general cement coating, etc.

Nitro lacquer is also divided into primer and topcoat, and lacquer strong nitro lacquer is also divided into: transparent clear, matte clear, high solid, scratch resistance, gloss, white on white, black on black, and Color, this is determined by the user's needs.



As a Nitrocellulose Manufacturer, I would like to share with you the comparison.

Both water-based wood paint and nitrocellulose paint are commonly used wood paints. However, water-based paint is one of the most environmentally friendly wood coatings among all coatings. It is more environmentally friendly than nitrocellulose. Nitrocellulose generally needs to add plasticizers such as dibutyl phthalate and dioctyl phthalate. The solvent also contains benzene. Class and other thinners. Water-based paint uses water as the solvent and can be diluted with pure water, which is environmentally friendly.

The characteristics of nitrocellulose lacquer are good decorative effect, easy construction, quick drying, low requirements for the painting environment, good hardness and brightness, less ills in the paint film, and easy repair.

The disadvantages of nitrocellulose lacquer are: nitrocellulose lacquer has a low solid content, poor weather resistance, and poor gloss and color retention. After a long period of time, loss of gloss, cracking, and discoloration are likely to occur.

The characteristics of water-based paint are: the construction is simple and convenient, and it can be constructed without a professional painter. At the same time, water-based paint uses water as the solvent, which dries quickly and is environmentally friendly. It has good weather resistance, VOC content is lower than the national standard, not easy to burn, strong adhesion, and soft touch.

The disadvantage of water-based paint is that it has relatively high requirements for the construction environment, and the construction environment and construction products must be clean and clean. At the same time, water-based paint needs a thin brush when painting. In addition, the water resistance of water-based paint is not as good as nitro-lacquer, but its environmental protection and health are better than nitro-lacquer. And water-based paint cannot be mixed with other paints, because the water solvent of water-based paint is insoluble in oil.

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