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What is the Difference Between Nitrocellulose Paint and Ordinary Paint?

19, Dec. 2020

As a Nitrocellulose Manufacturer, share with you. Nitrolacquer is a kind of paint. The main difference is that the nature is different, the classification is different, and the function is different. The details are as follows:

Different in nature

1. Nitro paint

Nitrolacquer is a relatively common paint for woodware and decoration.

2. Paint

Paint refers to a chemical mixture paint that can firmly cover the surface of an object for protection, decoration, marking and other special purposes.

The classification is different

1. Nitro paint

Nitro-lacquer can be divided into four types: external varnish, internal varnish, wood varnish and enamel paint of various colors.

2. Paint

① Coating: A general term for a type of liquid or solid material that can form a solid coating film with protection, decoration or special properties (such as insulation, anti-corrosion, logo, etc.) on the surface of an object. Including oil (based) paint, water-based paint, wood paint, powder coating, wood wax oil.

② Paint: oily paint with organic solvent as medium or high solid, solvent-free.

Nitrocellulose Solution

Nitrocellulose Solution

Different functions

1. Nitro paint

(1) Nitro varnish for external use: it can be used for outdoor metal and wooden surface finishing.

(2) Nitro internal varnish: it can be used for coating indoor metal and wooden surfaces.

(3) Nitro wood varnish: it can only be used for indoor wooden surface finishing. 

(4) Various colors of nitro alkyd enamel: suitable for coating indoor and outdoor metal and wooden surfaces.

2. Paint

①, protection function: anti-corrosion, waterproof, oil-proof, chemical resistance, light resistance, temperature resistance, etc. Coating the surface of the object with paint to form a protective film can prevent or delay the occurrence and development of these damage phenomena and extend the service life of various materials.

②Decorative function: coating objects of different materials can get a colorful and colorful appearance, which can beautify the human living environment.

③, other functions

Marking, anti-fouling, insulation, etc. For example, electrical insulation, conduction, shielding electromagnetic waves, anti-mold, sterilization, insecticide, high temperature resistance, heat preservation, temperature display and temperature marking, prevention of flame extension, ablation and heat insulation, etc.

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