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What is the Difference Between Nitro Paint and Polyester Paint?

13, Mar. 2020

As an NC Chips Exporter, share with you. Compared with nitro paint, polyurethane paint has its own advantages and disadvantages. Both can be used for wood and steel. Nitro paint, quick-drying, polyurethane paint has a slightly longer drying time. The surface appearance of polyurethane paint is better than that of nitro paint. Polyurethane paint has a high film thickness and is equipped with an epoxy primer to ensure the rust and corrosion resistance of indoor equipment. The nitro lacquer paint film is thin, quick to dry, easy to apply, and requires more diluents. Generally, polyurethane paint has two components and nitro paint has one component. Polyurethane paint has better solvent resistance, abrasion resistance and toughness than nitro paint.

Nitrocellulose Solution

Nitrocellulose Solution

The main auxiliary agent of nitro paint:

1. Tianna Water: It mainly mixes nitro paint and solidifies.

2. Whitening water: The paint film will turn white during wet weather construction.

Release of 10-15% of the white water can be eliminated.

Polyester paint: A paint made with polyester resin as the main film-forming material.

The advantages of polyester paint: the paint film is full, the layer is thick and the surface is hard, and the construction is convenient.

In the use of polyester paint, a curing agent is used. The curing agent makes the paint film harder. However, because the curing agent is made by reacting TDI and TMP, due to technical reasons, all TDI cannot be completely reacted, so there are still some free TDI, which will cause harm to human health .

Comparison between the two:

Polyester paint is composed of three components: main paint, thinner and curing agent; nitro paint is composed of two components: main paint and thinner.

Polyester paint: Because of the use of curing agents, the hardness of the paint film is higher, the high-temperature resistance, and the paint film is more beautiful.

Nitro paint: construction is more cumbersome than polyester paint, but because there is no curing agent, the decoration is more environmentally friendly. Although most decoration companies are using polyester paint, there are also some large companies that use nitro paint for environmental issues.

Nitro paint: Nitrocellulose is the main film-forming substance, and it is a coating made of synthetic resin. Characteristics of Nitro Paint:

It has fast drying speed, bright and smooth coating film, can be waxed and polished, and has good workability and repairability, so it still has a large sales volume in the market and the furniture industry. The proportion of the general solvent in the nitro composition material is relatively large, and it dries quickly during construction, but the heat resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance of the nitro paint film is not as good as polyester paint.

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