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Do you know the Development of the Science and Style of Guitar Appearance?

06, Nov. 2020

As a Nitrocellulose Solution Manufacturer, share with you.

The appearance of the guitar is an important part of the guitarist’s statement about his world. It says you are cool or you are hot. It says your style is gorgeous or laid-back. It is said that you are the most advanced or old school; classic or cutting-edge. It gives the instrument a great character and soul, and the soul is part of what you do and your identity.

Nitrocellulose Solution

Nitrocellulose Solution

According to its color, style and condition, the surface finish is the decisive element of the instrument and musical identity. Therefore, this is both a style and a real miracle-both personalization and protection of your instrument, and as important as pickups, necks, bridges, tuners and everything else. It helps to give color and life to its appearance, feel, and sound, and provides protection from various external influences.

In history and today, the surface coating of musical instruments involves a lot of science. The substance itself and its various application methods and combinations are very complicated. And it’s definitely worth remembering that these finishing agents are suitable for products made from organic plants that once lived; namely wood. Wood is a substance that changes with climate, treatment, and age, as is the topcoat applied to it.

Nitrocellulose paint

In the first golden age of the 1950s and 60s, nitrocellulose paint was the most commonly used finish, although acrylic paint was also used. Nitro was invented by DuPont Chemical Company in 1921 for the automobile industry. It was the first spray coating and was soon adopted by the furniture and musical instrument industries.

Such instruments usually have the abrasion type of nitrocellulose paint finish.

Despite its chemical properties in the application stage, it is easy to apply and produces a tough, fast-drying thin finish, which can be well integrated with natural wood grain, polished to a beautiful luster, easy to repair, and flexible, The wood of the guitar can resonate almost without restraint.

However, nitro groups will crack and turn yellow over time, and they will "check" as they age or are suddenly exposed to low temperatures. As they get older, they become thinner and more brittle because the diluent in them evaporates throughout the life of the instrument. These characteristics are actually particularly attractive to many guitarists, because the common cracking, yellowing, inspection and aging of this type of finish are what many loyal fans love for nitro.

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