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What are the Classifications of Nitrocellulose Paint?

23, Nov. 2020

As a Nitrocellulose Manufacturer, share with you.

The advantages are good decorative effect, simple construction, quick drying, low requirements for the coating environment, good hardness and brightness, less ills in the paint film, and easy repair. The disadvantage is that the solid content is low, and more construction passes are required to achieve better results; the durability is not very good, especially the internal nitrocellulose paint, which has poor gloss and color retention, and it is easy to use for a longer time Disadvantages such as loss of gloss, cracking, discoloration, etc.; paint film protection is not good, and it is not resistant to organic solvents, heat, and corrosion.



Nitrolacquer is a relatively common paint for woodware and decoration. The main film-forming material of nitrocellulose lacquer is mainly nitrocellulose, combined with soft and hard resins such as alkyd resin, modified rosin resin, acrylic resin and amino resin. Generally, it is necessary to add plasticizers such as dibutyl phthalate, dioctyl ester, and oxidized castor oil. Solvents mainly include true solvents such as esters, ketones, alcohol ethers, alcohols and other co-solvents, and diluents such as benzene. Nitro paint is mainly used for wood and furniture coating, home decoration, general decorative coating, metal coating, general cement coating, etc.

Nitro-lacquer can be divided into four types: external varnish, internal varnish, wood varnish and enamel paint of various colors.

(1) Nitro varnish for external use: It is composed of nitrocellulose, alkyd resin, flexibility agent and some ester, alcohol and benzene solvents. The film has good gloss and durability. It can be used for outdoor metal and wooden surface finishing.

(2) Nitro internal varnish: It is composed of low-viscosity nitrocellulose, glycerin rosin ester, non-drying oil alkyd resin, flexibility agent and a small amount of ester, alcohol, and benzene organic solvents. The coating film is fast drying, bright, it has poor outdoor weather resistance and can be used for coating indoor metal and wooden surfaces.

(3) Nitro wood varnish: It is made of nitrocellulose, alkyd resin, modified rosin, flexibility agent and appropriate amount of organic volatiles such as esters, alcohols and benzene. The coating film is hard, bright, sandable, but has poor weather resistance. Can only be used for the finishing of indoor wooden surfaces.

(4) Nitro alkyd enamel of various colors: It is made of nitrocellulose, pentaerythritol alkyd resin, pigments, flexibility agent and appropriate amount of solvent. The coating film dries quickly, smoothly, and has good weather resistance, but it has poor abrasion resistance and is suitable for indoor use. Coating of outer metal and wooden surfaces.

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